Tuesday, 30 June 2009

General How to's

Q, How to get the free map updates ?
A, You must register online, within 60 days of purchase for the free map updates,
after the 60 days, you are not entitled to them, to be honest not much changes on the maps in 60 days, so in my view this update is not much use anyway,(unless your having a software problem) always register your product,

Q, How to purchase additional maps ?
A, Go to the Resources, in there is Map updates link.

Q, How to Register the new Maps ?
A, Go to your Garmin Account, then go to "ManageMaps", now register them in here.

Q, How to check if I have the updated Maps on ?
A, Go to Tools(wrench icon) > settings > maps > map info, it will tell you in here what maps are on the system.

Q, How to get maps on with an SD card ?
A, Insert the card (device off) turn it on, go to Tools(wrench icon) > settings > Maps > map info, now tick the correct box, when you tick any box you will need your unit I.D. and Serial number now to activate the maps.

Q, How to get the Serial Number ?
A, look on the bottom on the white sticker, or on the 300/600s it is under the Antenna.

Q, How to get to the Unit I.D. ?
A, Tools(wrench icon) > settings > system > about, your unit I.D. is in here.

Q, How to Acquire my first GPS signal (or get a failing signal back)
A, (A) new signal, go outside open air, no trees, building etc... turn system on, should be good,
(B) Failing signal (not new device) use the webupdater to update the system, check WAAS (if your system has this feature) is turned off too. turn your GPS off (in the settings) then update it, then go outside and turn GPS back on(in the settings) can take 15 Min's for satellite pickup, MaMa say's be patient...
(C), You may have to hard reset as a last resort, to get Satellite pickup back.

Q, How to get to my POIs ?
A, Go to "where to" > "POIs"

Q, How to get to my Custom POIs ?
A, Go to "where to" > "Extra's" > "Custom" > POIs

Q, How to delete "Custom POIs" ?
A, Go to my computer > nuvi drive > or memory card drive > open Garmin/POI folder > delete the files named POI.gpi

Q, How to load POIs ?
A, go to resources, then Garmin POI loader in there, follow the instruction's

Q, How to change the fuse in the car Adapter ?
A, Unscrew the end of the Adapter, check fuse is good, usually 2/3 Amp fast blow fuses. check the fuse, they are different for diff Model's.

Q, How to set the (Garmin security lock) 4 digit pin ?
A, Go to, Tools(wrench icon) > settings > security, touch button below Garmin lock, Enter a 4 digit pin number, and now drive to a security location,
The pin will not be activated only here in this specific location.

Q, How to clean the Nuvi screen ?
A, Soft Lint free cloth, Water, Isopropyl alcohol, apply alittle to cloth, then clean the screen.

Q, How to lock the screen ?
A, Slide the power key to the right, this will lock the screen for you

Q, How to find an address ?
A, Touch "where to" > "Address" > "spell city" > enter postcode > done > or if not sure of city, touch "search All" > enter the address > street name > done.

Q, How to restore all settings on the device ?
A, Tools > settings > restore > yes

Q, How to activate traffic subscription ?
A, Tools > settings > traffic > subscriptions > add > enter your 25 didgit code from garmin.com/fmtraffic > touch next > touch done.

Q, How to view subscription ?
A, Tools > settings > traffic

Q, How to setup bluetooth ?
A, Tools > settings > Enable > bluetooth > connections > Add > ok > enter a name for your GPS > done > now search from the phone.

Q, How to set the Languages ? NOTE 200S do not have TTS text to speech voices
A, (A)Tools > settings > Languages > voices, you can alter in here

(B) If got TTS, Tools > settings > languages > voices, now choose a name like
American English Jill, with TTS at the side of it ( these speak the street names)

C, 300/310/350/360/370 langauges = tools > settings > locale > voice Language > TTS as above IE: American English Jill (TTS) will speak the street names.

Q, How to change the time on the device ?
A, Tools > settings > time

Q, How to Adjust the screen brightness ?
A, Tools > settings > display > brightness

Q, How to add a via/waypoint into a trip ?
A, Menu > where to > find the stop > go > touch add as a via/waypoint > to add before your destination.

Q, How to change the Volume ?
A, Menu > volume > touch the speakers to adjust

Q, How to setup your home location (your unit will not function until you do this)
A, Where to > go home > 3 options here
Enter the address
use the current location
Choose from a list of recently found locations.

Q, How to change the home location if a mistake is made ?
A, Tools > My data > set home location
or, where to > favourites > all favorites > home > edit > done

Q, how to view traffic on the Map ?
A, on the map page > touch "show traffic map" to go back Touch "show normal map"

Q, How to avoid traffic jams ?
A, Map page > traffic icon > traffic on route > avoid

Q, What do the colors mean ?
Green = traffic good, yellow = medium traffic, red = high volume or stopped

Q, How to use the unit converter ?
A, Tools > unit converter > conversion > ok, choose a unit you want > ok > repeat if needed > touch blank rectangle to enter a value > enter > done > converted now for you > clear to clear the conversion and start a new one

Q, How to use calculator/clock
A, Tools > calculator
Tools > clock

Q, How to use picture viewer of stored pic's
A, Tools > picture viewer > arrows to scroll > slide show too.

Q, How to use the keyboard and find a place by spelling it ?
A, Where to > points of interest > spell name > (now spell it) > done
(B) use _ underscore for spaces, rubber top right for deletions, press and hold to delete all the entry, arrows for back/forward, (cannot use abbreviation )
IE: NYC for new york city, must be (( new_york_city ))

Q, How to save a location I am using ?
A, From the map, touch > save location icon > it is now saved to favorites folder.

Q, How to save a found location, but I am not using it ?
A, From the Go page > save > ok. it is now saved to favorites.

How to find a saved location (from favorites folder)
A, Where to > favorites > ((all your saved locations are listed)) > choose one > go

Q, How to edit a saved location ?
A, Where to > favorites > select the cat > select the location > edit > multiple choices for editing here > touch done, when your done

Q, How to find a place using the Map ?
A, Touch the Map > drag to view different places > + > - to zoom in > touch the object on the map > save > go > If GPS mode off > touch set loc > to set your location to the selected location.

Q, How to setup simulation mode (GPS off)
A, Tools > settings > system > GPS Simulator

Q, How to enter Coordinates ?
A, Where to > coordinates > touch A box to enter > format (different maps use different Coordinates) > enter the Coords > touch next.

Q, How to use the GPS walking ?
A, Tools > settings > system > usage mode > pedestrian > ok

Q, How to put the unlock codes back on the GPS
( usually 200 Model's) suffer this.
ERROR is "system software missing"
or "no detailed maps that support routing"
Nuvi cannot be used without them,

NOTE:: Double check your procedure's please, this does work, it has worked, hundreds of times, so please, double/treble check your steps along the way, thanks.

NOTE :: must be done on a Window's platform
IE: Windows Vista, XP, (( not a Mac ))

A, Go to your account at garmin that you created to manage your maps.

Click myMaps

Click Manage Maps

You should see your unit and it’s unlock codes

Copy all the unlock codes for your device

Close your internet browser

Right click on your desktop

Click new, and then click a new Text Document

Click on the newly created Text Document icon from the desktop

Type your unlock codes into the document

Click File and Save as

Change the file name to gmapprom.unl ((( IMPORTANT double check filename is correct please )))

Change the “Save as type” to "All files" ((( IMPORTANT double/treble check that you have done this part too correctly please )))

Close the document

You should see the file gmapprom.unl on your desktop

Right click on the gmapprom.unl file and then click copy

Plug your Garmin device in and then click Computer/ My Computer

Click on the nĂ¼vi drive

Right click on the Garmin folder and click paste

Safely disconnect your Garmin device from the computer

This if done correctly will resolve the problem

I have over a hundred satisfied Clients with this solution, so if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Question's and Answer's: Question's and Answer's

Question's and Answer's: Question's and Answer's

Saturday, 27 June 2009

How To ?

Q. How to soft reset a Nuvi ?

A. Depending which version, paper-clip type object in the tiny reset hole in the bottom (old 200s), data safe

or slide the power key to the left for 8+ seconds.
( soft reboot) data safe.


Q, How to soft reset a streePilot ?
A. Pull the face off the Pilot and press the reset button. data safe here.


Q. How to calibrate the screen of a Nuvi ?
depending which model.

A. (Nuvi 200s) slide the power key to the left for 30 seconds, follow prompts

B. (StreetPilot c330/c520/30/40/50) press the power button for over 1 minute, follow prompts

C. (Nuvi 300s) press the centre of the screen for 30 seconds, follow prompts

d, (Nuvi 700s) turn the nuvi off then back on, slide the power key to the right (lock)
hold your finger on the screen for 30 seconds, until the calibration screen appears, follow the instruction's,
For all options above, press the white dot on the screen, when it appears.


Q. How to Fully factory restore the Nuvi's (this will wipe all data off) like new out of the box.

A. (nuvi 200s/600s/700s/ streetpilots c330/350/520/530/540/550)press the lower right corner of the screen (use an eraser/rubber), while you turn it on, keep pressing screen until the message, "clear all data" appears, say yes

B. (Nuvi 300s) press the upper right corner of the screen with an eraser/rubber, while you turn it on, keep pressing screen until the message, "clear all data" appears, say yes
now Re-register it, and re update it (web updater )


How to change the Battery on the StreetPilot's


How to Change Battery on a Nuvi (all similar procedure)
(As a Professional, I would still advise an ESD Kit)
Although this guy isn't using one, he is an amateur.


Nuvi opening tool (Ipod/phone etc...)


Q, How to change the battery in a Nuvi 300/310/350/360/370 ?